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Life hacks

I'm seeing a lot of stuff using upcycled pallets lately - I think it's a cool idea.

22 Awesome big architects diagrams images

Working with pallets can mean working with free building materials.  It also means taking them apart without damaging the wood.  Pallets are designed to carry heavy loads and are thus robustly constructed.  Trying to take them apart with a hammer can be very time consuming.  With a few simple tools and some know how you … Continue reading »

Christian Louboutin: A Style Guide (for those who can afford it and for those who dream of them)

Learn more at

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12 Excellent Examples Of Stairs Without Railings

Gran Casino Costa Brava | b720 Fermín Vázquez Arquitectos

Best DIY Projects: 10 things you can build with 2x4s

The title minimal really suits this concept design that an unknown designer by the name of Roderick (from Malta) submitted to Tokyoflash.

Unique Stairs Design - Modern Magazin - Art, design, DIY projects, architecture, fashion, food and drinks

Creative Pallets Table/Desk - This is the best pallet project I have seen! Colorful & creative. Tutorial included.